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  • Dry Fruits

    Dry fruits are nutrient-dense, dehydrated fruits like raisins, almonds, and apricots. They offer health benefits, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them a popular and nutritious snack.

  • Vegan Product

    Vegan products are free of animal-derived ingredients, including meat, dairy, and eggs. They align with a plant-based lifestyle, providing cruelty-free alternatives for food, cosmetics, and various consumer goods.

  • Beverages

    Beverages are liquid drinks consumed for refreshment or hydration. They encompass a wide range of options, including water, juices, sodas, teas, coffees, and alcoholic drinks, providing various flavors and effects.

  • Grocery Food Products

    Grocery food products are essential items sold in supermarkets and stores for daily consumption. They include pantry staples like grains, canned goods, spices, and perishables like fruits, vegetables, and dairy.

  • Gold Dore Bar

    A gold dore bar is an unrefined, semi-pure gold bar typically produced at a mine or foundry. It contains varying levels of impurities and is further processed to refine its purity.

  • Gold and Silver Jewellery

    Gold and silver jewelry are precious metal ornaments crafted for adornment. Gold jewelry is typically made from 18k or 14k gold, while silver jewelry is created from sterling silver, offering diverse designs and styles.

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